Annual activities brochure 2017

In 2017 we have successfully completed twenty-nine projects for children in need in twenty-one different countries. Several projects provided for the needs of orphan child-ren, while our efforts concentrated, as in previous years, on providing education at diffe-rent levels to all children including those with special needs.

In Africa, we have completed ten projects in eight countries, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia (for the first time), Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Niger, South Africa and Tanzania. The focus was mainly school projects.

In Asia we have funded eight projects in six countries. Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan and, this year also Syria. We could provide learning equipment to 6.000 students. In India we funded the construction of an additional multi-purpose hall of a orphanage, we know already many years and which was very needed.

Our focus in Europe was mainly Eastern Europe but even in Germany we could help three known institutions.

The first time we supported projects in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. And we could even help again our partner school in Peru.

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Annual activities brochure 2016

We are delighted to inform you that 2016 was another busy year for the Mirja Sachs Foundation. We were privileged to support 45 projects in 24 countries always aiming to provide our support to children in need, principally for their education at primary level but increasingly also at secondary level and in vocational schools.

In Africa, we have funded nineteen projects. Five projects in Burkina Faso, one of the world’s poorest countries. Interestingly, three of these projects are for preschool rooms, demonstrating the realisation of the importance of starting children’s’ education earliest. For the first time we have funded a school in Burundi, while we rebuilt a school in Congo, both also among the world’s poorest countries. We renewed funding support for schools in two countries where we had been previously present. In Ruanda for a secondary school and in Uganda for three projects, a primary school, solar energy for a youth centre and a vocational school. We also returned to Morocco where this year we have refurbished a vocational skills centre to fight school drop outs. We are supporting three projects in South Africa. We continue funding projects in Kenya and Tanzania, where we have been present for many years.

In Asia we have funded eleven projects. Three projects in India and a new school to replace an old one in Laos. Our foundation participates in rebuilding a school after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, funds tuitions in a school in Pakistan, builds schoolrooms and improves children’s nutrition in a school in the Philipines, constructs a school for disabled children in Sri Lanka and builds two new school rooms in Vietnam.

We have expanded on our initial experience in South America in 2015 with three projects. We launched our first project in Bolivia, improving sanitary conditions of a school. We have also funded two projects in Peru, we continued supporting a school we identified in 2015 in the Amazon and we funded a kindergarten in the poorest quarter of Lima.

In Western and Eastern Europe we funded twelve projects. Nine projects in countries where our foundation was already present: five in Germany, two in Russia, one in Moldavia and one in Romania. In addition, for the first time we are funding projects in Macedonia, three of them aimed at updating an old school.

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Annual activities brochure 2015

Another year is drawing to a close and we are glad to inform you that, in 2015, the Mirja Sachs Foundation has supported 46 projects to help advance poor children’s education throughout the world. The following newsletter aims at providing a small insight into our work this year.

In Malawi, where our Foundation became active for the first time this year, we are implementing two parallel projects in collaboration with the Christian Liebig Foundation. On the premises of the Mpalapata elementary school in Malawi, a makeshift and temporary building is being replaced by an additional double classroom. Alongside this project, we are financing the construction of two housing buildings for teachers at the Mthawira elementary school in Malawi. These are necessary because teachers are hard to find, as the school is far out in the country and not easily accessible.

In the Soc Trang province in Vietnam, together with the Schmitz Foundation, our support allowed the construction of an elementary school for more than 300 children, thus relieving the totally overcrowded neighboring school.

In Peru, our first South American experience, we supported the Spanish Foundation CODESPA to continue expanding an innovative education system. Students alternate their school year spending two weeks in a boarding school and two weeks in their family environment. They thus avoid traveling long distances to school every day and parents do not prevent their children attending classes on a regular basis, as they receive the help they require from their children in their mostly agricultural activities. In 2014 CODESPA received the „Wise Award for Education“ for this project.

In Russia, we supported, among others, the ”Rehabilitation of the Child. G.N. Romanov Centre” foundation where children with cerebral palsy and severe lung diseases receive free medical treatment. The goal is to bring those children to the point where they can sit, stand and walk autonomously. We funded: (a) the purchase of a special sewing machine in order to make orthopedic shoes for the children, (b) 30 pairs of custom-made orthopedic shoes and (c) medical treatment for 10 children.

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