Our priority in the promotion is mainly in the field of education. These include: the construction or renovation of school buildings or classrooms and all related infrastructures such as sleeping buildings, sanitary rooms, hospitals, libraries and kitchens.

We also help with the purchase of equipment and devices, such as books, school furniture, computers, etc., so everything that helps children to learn successfully.

In exceptional cases, we accept school fees, teachers' fees, or training costs, but always emphasizing that we do so only in very specific circumstances, and only if there are funds left which we cannot use for our main purpose at the time.

Guidelines for a grant application

  • Our main objective is to improve the educational situation of disadvantaged, poor children, who are often orphans, handicapped and ill. The focus is on children belonging to an ethnic minority or living in a less-respected region of developing countries
  • Our donations are limited in amount and time
  • Donations may only be used for the requested project
  • No salaries and expenses may be paid by third parties with the funds
  • We do not undertake on-going project cost