The purpose of the foundation is to support vulnerable, particularly disadvantaged children and adolescents across borders. We are primarily concerned with the promotion of education, both school education and vocational training, in order to create the conditions for a self-determined life. Mirja-Sachs-Foundation is present in a good part of the developing world (Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America), but also in Germany selected projects are supported. Preferably, we seek projects that are characterized by their exceptional human approach or have a model character. It is important to us that the projects sustainably benefit several children and several generations of children.

We do not provide assistance for projects referring to individuals. We usually don’t pay any running costs, such as rent, salaries, administrative costs, travel expenses and other expenses, with our funds provided.

The funding of our projects is realized by means of grants from the income of the foundation and the donations we receive. Our assistance is provided directly or in close cooperation with other non-profit and recognized charity organizations. All donations are 100% for children and adolescents, since all the costs of the Foundation are privately borne and all employees are volunteers.