The Mirja Sachs foundation was created the 9th November 1987 by a grant made by Gunter Sachs (1932-2011).

Gunter Sachs, from an important industrial family, was a well-known personality and had an important involvement in the arts, especially in photography. He was a generous person, being, for instance, a patron of the Salk Institute (San Diego), a world's leading institution in biological ground research, and home to numerous Nobel Prize winners.

In this spirit he contributed with his own funds to create the Mirja Sachs foundation, a worthwhile endeavor to help children across borders quickly and wisely that he continued to support over the years. His wife, Mirja, was and is the spirit that continues guiding this foundation, being the Chair of the Advisory Council.

Together with the President she regularly travels to oversee the different projects and see how effectively the funds are being used. It is worth noting that all the foundation's administrative costs are born privately.

Over the past 30 years of its existence, the Mirja-Sachs Foundation has supported projects in 72 countries.